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New partnership between Strem Chemicals UK and DZP Technologies 2 March 2018

Exciting news from Strem Chemicals UK who have started to distribute DZP Technologies low cost water-based inks and adhesives for flexible and stretchable electronics.

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Parkinson’s UK, Selcia, and Cresset collaborate to discover new drug candidates for Parkinson’s 8 March 2018

A new collaboration in the efforts to find a new drug candidate to combat Parkinson’s has been announced in the UK today.

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Multi-million pound government award to Manchester health consortium 13 March 2018

A recently formed Manchester health consortium, led by The Christie and including Bionow members Aptus Clinical, AstraZeneca, Cellular Therapeutics, Datatrial and University of Manchester has been awarded nearly £7 million of funding to ensure more patients benefit from a new generation of disease-fighting drugs for cancer and non-cancer illnesses.

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