Can Virtual Ever Replace Face to Face?

Can Virtual Ever Replace Face to Face?

Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Virtual events are now commonplace and we very much doubt that things will ever go back to the way they were before. By now, everyone will be used to daily video conference calls using Zoom, Teams, Webex and many other platforms. We spend our days working from home, watching countless webinars, including this one! 
Events, digital and film agency Glasgows relied on face to face meetings for the majority of the services they offer. One (rainy?) day in March 2020, it was like someone flicked a switch and everything got cancelled. Learn how they adapted to this “new normal”, embraced new ways of working and how this might help you and your business network.

          The webinar will cover:
  •    What is virtual?
  •        What are the current technologies available?
  •        How can you network virtually?
  •        What might the future of virtual communications look like?
The webinar will start at 11am and last for 30 minutes, including an opportunity for Q&A.

Glasgows - Your Perfect Virtual Event Partner
Connect Online
Attending Bionow online meetings allows attendees to connect directly with one another and put questions / start conversations via the social wall associated with each event even after the event has finished. All delegates have the ability to create new contacts and perhaps link up with old acquaintances through the Bionow event networking portal before, during and after all Bionow online events! 
Dial-in details will be provided to all delegates once registration has been confirmed.


Registration will open shortly. For any further queries please contact