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Accelerating Product Development

Location: The Gallery, Foresight Centre, 1 Brownlow Street, Liverpool, L69 3GL

The MRC CiC Tropical Infectious Disease Consortium is holding its annual 1-day meeting with the aim to review progress and catalyse future translational projects.

MRC, MRC CiC awardees, academic and SME/industry investigators wishing to engage in translational research which has potential impact on health in resource-poor settings.

The objectives of the meeting are:
• To highlight opportunities, facilities and expertise within the Consortium for collaborative research.

• To showcase breadth and depth of projects, highlighting those that have already made significant progress.

• For the MRC to inform awardees and interested parties of pathways to further translational research funding (e.g. DPFS/TSB).

Download the attached document for full agenda.

Anyone wishing to register for this event should email LSTM research office at by the end of Friday 31st August 2018.