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Materials Accelerator Forum 2018

Location: National Graphene Institute, Booth St E, Manchester M13 9PL

The Henry Royce Institute works to accelerate the commercialisation of advanced materials, by directly supporting startups, spin-outs, SMEs and large corporates, with advice, expertise and facilities access.

Delegates can expect:

  • An overview of support available through the Royce for business innovation and growth
  • Information on future funding opportunities and how to apply
  • Success stories from established and growing materials-focused startups
  • One-to-one sessions to understand opportunities within Royce -Insights on the materials research and development landscapes, and opportunities for business

The Materials Accelerator Forum 2018 is a significant milestone in this mission. The first in a series of events, we are bringing together the SMEs leading materials innovation in the UK, with funders, advisors, and supporters.

The Materials Accelerator Forum will focus on facilities, support and funding available to SMEs to innovate and grow.


SMEs, startups and spin-outs that:

  • Gain advantage from advanced materials
  • Apply materials science in the health or biomedical sector
  • Apply materials science in the mobility and electrification sector

For more details about the agenda and to register for this free event