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Establised & Growing Companies

Established and growth-oriented bioscience companies in the UK contribute significantly to wealth creation, exports and R&D. A quarter of all UK biomedical companies are headquartered in Northern England. Our established and growing SME members are key to the UK’s success, and Bionow aims to support your growth ambitions by providing a tailored package of knowledge, contacts and supply chain opportunities. 

At Bionow, we’ve worked with growth-oriented bioscience companies since 2000. We understand what you need and why you need it. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the leading professional service providers, advisors and investors to offer you an exceptional return on your membership investment.

Bionow membership gives you:

  • Tailored business support designed to help you access new UK & global markets, discover new opportunities and funding streams for R&D collaboration, and learn from professional advisors about licensing, regulatory and finance-raising options
  • Knowledge sharing – network with other growing SMEs and share your experiences
  • Shared procurement services - saving your company at least 40% on specialist consumables purchasing alone
  • Business promotion to and networking with other Bionow members across the UK
  • Discounted attendance at both global conferences and at Bionow events
  • Preferential rates & exclusive services from Bionow preferred suppliers

Our tailored Going for Growth programme enables members to gain valuable intelligence for accessing NHS and addressing regulatory needs as well as for finance-raising, licensing & reulatory issues and innovation for new product development.

You’ll receive significant return on your membership investment.

Click here to join Bionow or call Mary Roberts Membership Manager on 07850 600284 for more details