QV Bioelectronics receives support to go transnational

Published on 15/10/2020
QV Bioelectronics receives support to go transnational

Manchester-based start-up QV Bioelectronics is developing innovative electrotherapy devices for the treatment of certain types of brain tumours with the help of the transnational MATMED programme.

MATMED was launched in 2019 and supports MedTech companies to innovate with advanced materials for medical applications. It offers a transnational network of potential business partners, voucher funding of up to €40,000 for collaborative projects and expert advice on the 2020 regulatory framework for medical devices.

Co-founder and MD of QV Bioelectronics, Dr Chris Bullock, said: “We founded the company in 2018 to develop innovative approaches for the treatment of brain tumours and that’s what we’re working towards, through a new implanted electrotherapy device.

“Our device is aimed at both improving the clinical outcomes and also quality of life for brain tumour patients. Electricity has been applied to the body for the clinical management of medical conditions for decades, whether that’s through cardiac pacemakers or deep brain stimulation for the relief of Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

“A number of studies have suggested that electrical stimulation can be used to interfere with cell division and we’re attempting to use this technology to slow tumour growth with the possibility that this might extend patients’ lives.”

Gaining support from programmes like MATMED is crucial for QV Bioelectronics, according to Dr Bullock.

“We’re still at the early stages of developing our technology. This means that the use of support programmes like this can really help us to get some traction in those early research and development steps. Developing new medical technologies is really tough, there’s big regulatory barriers that we have to overcome, and we have to do a lot with not very much money.

“Europe is a really important market for us, so what we hope is that through MATMED we’ll be able to access other potential partners in Europe that will really help us to bring our device to the market.

“Since becoming involved with the MATMED programme we’ve received funding towards a collaboration with a company in Belgium called CellSine. They are real experts in this area, with specialist technical skills that we don’t have in our company and so it’s been valuable to have the support to allow that collaboration to take place.

“Being supported to access this unique international expertise has really accelerated our progress and growth.”

Businesses using advanced materials for medical applications can access fully-funded support through the MATMED programme to nurture collaboration, commercialisation and funding opportunities, by registering here:

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