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For Molecular Biologists Everywhere !

7 December 2017

If you are working with antibody discovery and development, or you are a molecular biologist, or a biologics engineer, you have data - lots of it, in various places and formats, and most likely in MS Excel. Sound familiar?

We have a solution: LabKey Biologics.

LabKey Biologics has been specifically engineered to provide a secure web-based resource that allows biologic entities to be registered into a database where entity relationships and derivations can be viewed and analysed, using in-built intuitive analytics tools.

Alongside that, imagine a scenario where associated samples can be created and tracked. And assays seamlessly requested and tracked. And resources that allow many assay results to be integrated and linked back to the original entity, all in one place.

And then imagine a scenario where the cost for such a powerful and robust system, is intentionally aimed at the SME.

Take a look at LabKey Biologics. If you missed the 'Intro To LabKey Biologics' webinar yesterday, you can review it here:

For more information, contact me on

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