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New partnership between Strem Chemicals UK and DZP Technologies

2 March 2018

Exciting news from Strem Chemicals UK who have started to distribute DZP Technologies low cost water-based inks and adhesives for flexible and stretchable electronics.

DZP have been showcasing their latest conductive inks and stretchable electronics, which are available to purchase through Strem Chemicals UK at the KTN Wearable Technology Flexible at Exel London this week.

DZP have produced the the manufacture of low-cost wearable devices, which are worn on or near the body to develop a range of new functions.

These devices require electrical interconnections which are both highly conductive and mechanically robust; often printed from metallic or carbon-based inks.

Conductive inks find applications in all areas of printed and plastic electronics:

• Conductive connectors in printed circuit boards that can be rigid or flexible
• Wearable electronics
• 3D printing
• Medical devices and bio-sensors
• Smart packaging
• Low weight, flexible aerospace and automotive components
• Electrodes in OLED and photovoltaics
• Current collectors in flexible batteries and super capacitors.

Many of our silver conductive inks are custom made for specific applications. For example, ink formulations can be uniquely designed to meet specific requirements for conductivity, adhesion, resolution, mechanical robustness, and environmental stability.
Water based inks further reduce costs by removing the need for solvent extraction, disposal, safe storage and transport

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