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QuantuMDx Announces Executive Appointments

13 September 2018

QuantuMDx Group Ltd announce two key leadership appointments. Dr Allan Brown has been appointed Chief Operating Officer and David Matthews joins as Chief Financial Officer.

“These appointments represent the final parts of the transformation of our Board, Executive and Senior Management teams,” says CEO Elaine Warburton, OBE. “We are now on a trajectory to successfully commercialise our technologies.”

Dr Allan Brown joins QuantuMDx at a crucial time as he will help lead the launch of Q-POC™, a pioneering portable diagnostics laboratory, which will compete on speed, price, simplicity of use and, importantly, mass multiplexing.

Allan joins from Genedrive Plc where, as Chief Operating Officer and Board Director, his key successes included overseeing the market launch of Genedrive, a portable PCR platform used to diagnose HCV.

Throughout his career, Allan has worked for key players such as Qiagen and Tepnel Life Sciences Plc, covering product development through to commercial product launch, sales and business development and M&A.

“I have long admired Allan’s innate ability to seamlessly move a company’s operations from research through productisation and into commercialisation whilst retaining a company’s work ethos and personality,” comments Elaine. “Now QuantuMDx has prototypes in field studies across various continents testing assays in HPV genotyping, warfarin sensitivity genotyping and TB, having Allan’s experience will be a major factor in helping the Board drive commercial success.”

Allan says, “I’ve been an avid follower of developments at QuantuMDx for a number of years and I’m excited to be joining the team at such an important stage in the company’s growth. The strength and applicability of the underlying technology combined with the passion and commitment of the people has been a key driver in my decision to join.”

Joining as Chief Financial Officer, David Matthews brings over 30 years’ experience in life sciences, including strategic planning and operational execution to QuantuMDx. Formerly, David was CFO at Contextual Genomics, an oncology-focused diagnostics company in Vancouver, and as part of the founding team at GenomeDx Biosciences Inc, a molecular diagnostics company where he oversaw the company’s growth from 20 to 150 staff, and was closely involved in the launch of its first product, Decipher including obtaining coverage from Medicare and various private payers.

“David is a specialist in taking companies at our stage of development through periods of rapid growth, into commercialisation,” says Elaine Warburton.

David’s first priority will be to build investor engagement and raise significant growth capital for scale-up and manufacture. With a track record of raising over $500M of capital in private and public transactions, it’s a challenge he relishes.

David says, “I’m excited about joining this outstanding team and helping support the development of QuantuMDx’s next generation in point of care testing.”

About QuantuMDx
QuantuMDx Group is a multinational company with a global vision: to revolutionise healthcare and help eradicate disease by making accurate diagnostics universally accessible.

The company’s flagship device, the Q-POC™, compresses a molecular diagnostics laboratory into a simple-to-use, portable, affordable device. It can be used anywhere from basic under-the-tree settings to clinics and hospitals, providing results within 20 minutes.

With its high-quality testing for diseases such as TB and STIs, the battery-operated device aims to bring the power of precision medicine to health professionals globally, enabling patients to be tested, diagnosed and given treatment options in one efficient consultation.

The result will be low-cost personalised health diagnostics for every man, woman and child, regardless of who they are and where they live. Not only will Q-POC™ help individuals and communities but it will also empower overburdened healthcare systems worldwide.

The company is currently developing further molecular diagnostic platforms that can be used as standalone devices or integrated with other QuantuMDx systems. These include the pathogen enricher CAPTURE-XT™ and rapid sample preparation kit DNA-XT™.

For media enquiries, please contact: Debra Daglish, Marketing Communications Manager, QuantuMDx Group