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Financial Partnering and Valuation

Integral Finance provides specialist financial partnering with a unique focus on the life sciences and healthcare sector. Their financial partnering and valuation services are designed to meet the needs of Bionow members throughout their business development.

Integral Finance work with clients to ensure that support is available at key times, such as in advance and duting board meetings, interactions with potential funders, and in advance of relevant filing deadlines. Integral Finance will work alongside your existing management team and bring financial transparency to your business, identify opportunities for growth and develop financial capability, providing critical support from start-up to exit - meaning you build credibility and trust with key stakeholders and investors.

Integral's finance partner's have significant life science experience in big pharma, biotech, contract research, digital health, medical supplies, healthcare provision as well as many other companies types in the sector. Their exisiting and previous client list is first class and they are very proud to have played a significant part in their successes.

Finance Partnering Service

Credible Financial Partnering

Integral Finance apply deep life-science experience and Finance Director expertise to help you achieve your business plan and financial goals.

Transparency and Reporting

Integral Finance help their clients to manage cash-floes and measrue their business performance to ensure the board meets its responsibilities and monitors performance against key development milestones.

Funding and Valuation

Integral Finance provide strategic support on asset valuation, business funding and the impact on the company value.

Risk, Control, Governance

Integral Finance help identify internal and external risks and develop strategies to avoid ot limit them. They help their clients implement simple and effective control and governance appropriate to the business.


Integral Finanace coordinate with existing accountants, auditors, service providers and other stakeholders so you can focus on developing the business.

Tax, Accounting and Company Secretarial

Integral Finance ensure that you comply with financial obligations whilst fully benfiting from available oportunities, such as UK R&D credits.

Targeted Search and Selection

In order to help clients to grow, Integral Finance work with them to recruit financial reserouce in a highly tailored and targeted way.

Valuation - can appear more art than science
Understanding value is vital for the big decisions, and can help you in many important ways, for example:

Fund raising:

  • Understanding whether your company is fundable and/or licensable
  • Control the amount you give away in return for funding
  • Help investors understand your business in a richer way, enabling them to see what their return could be on exit

Evaluating and negotiating licensing deals

Acquiring companies/assets to build your own company

Ongoing tactical and strategic management

Bionow Member Offer
Bionow members will receive a 10% discount on valuation work - and an initial no obligation assessement of how rigorous valuation approach can add value to your business.

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Integral Finance