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Laboratory Procurement

Bionow Members and Premium Members can access savings and added-value on specialist laboratory supplies with the new Bionow Procurement Scheme. As a Member of Bionow your company can purchase from global suppliers and save on average 35% on your annual spend compared to list price. This new purchasing benefit is part of a much enhanced member benefits package from September 2016.

We are implementing a comprehensive ‘basket’ of goods and services which is tailored to the needs of life science companies based in the North of England and the basket will evolve over time to meet their changing needs. Our suppliers are selected based on their willingness to support Bionow member organisations with excellent pricing, high quality and an evolving product and service offering which includes:

  • Substantial discounts (up to 50% off catalogue prices)
  • No minimum order requirements 
  • Free or discounted delivery charge
  • Delivery within one or two days, or one week for bulky items e.g. cylinders
  • Guide payment terms of 30 days with the option of monthly consolidated invoicing 

There is no extra fee to pay to access the Bionow Purchasing Scheme, it is part of the standard Bionow Membership.

Savings vary from company to company, but purchasing via the Bionow preferred suppliers* will bring significant savings to your bottom line, up to 35% of your annual spend.

Preferred Supplier

Scope of Agreement

Fisher Scientific

Laboratory consumables, chemicals and low value apparatus and Life Science supplies

Air Liquide

Compressed gasses and dry ice

Air Products

Liquid Nitrogen, Argon and CO2

*On occasion, where a prior supply agreement is in force, it may not be possible to sign up to the Bionow offer with individual suppliers until the original agreement has ended.

To find out more, please contact your Bionow Account Manager:

Diane Cresswell: 07766 991932

Mary Roberts: 07850 600284

David Holmes: 07841 113163