US Expansion and Fund Raising Webinar

US Expansion and Fund Raising Webinar

Virtual events programme
21 July 2022, 2.30pm to 4pm (GMT)

This webinar will explore the comprehensive operational support needed to establish, grow and streamline your US business activity. Join to learn more about what you need to know and plan for in your US expansion and find out about the tools you can leverage. Hear from the experts about US expansion & raising funds in 10 easy steps and take full advantage of a 60 minute absolutely free post event 121 session with an expert of your choosing. All with the overall aim of taking the hassle out of and de-risking investing in the US.

U.S. Expansion & Raising Funds in 10 Steps
Legal: Form U.S. entity, employee contracts and equity, Americanize contracts, trademark/patent filings, data privacy
Visas: Address immigration requirements for relevant personnel
Taxes: Establish U.S. and home market tax structuring and compliance procedures
Insurance: Extend business insurance to the U.S.
Banking: Coordinate U.S. and home market banking arrangements
HR and Admin: Benefits, payroll, and bookkeeping support
Government Support: Connect with home market and U.S. development agencies
Property: Evaluate and address office requirements
Personnel: Identify potential employees and contractors
Funding: Prepare executive summary, deck, and pitch for U.S. investors
Simon Bradbury, Partner Appleyard Lees LLP
Richard Kilner, Managing Director, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Mark Boon, CEO, La Playa LLP Insurance.
Alex Threipland, SVB Early Stage Practice, Silicon Valley Bank
Tom Thorelli, Thorelli & Associates LLP
Michael Sankey, Avalara Inc.
Moderated by Frank Levene, Principal, Blue Link Worldwide


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