SRG Expands into Commercial Recruitment

SRG Expands into Commercial Recruitment

Published on 10/06/2024
SRG Expands into Commercial Recruitment

SRG, a leading recruitment specialist with over 30 years of experience in STEM recruitment, is excited to announce its expansion into the commercial recruitment sector. This strategic move enables SRG to offer comprehensive recruitment solutions that support a wide range of commercial and management roles, meeting the diverse needs of clients.

With extensive industry knowledge and expertise honed over three decades, SRG provides clients with access to a diverse talent pool and a strategic, end-to-end recruitment process. This seamless, partnership-driven approach is designed to drive organizational growth and success.

The Commercial Recruitment Teams at SRG, spanning the UK, USA, Ireland, and Greater EMEA region, support its commercial service offerings by delving into a wide-reaching, multi-skilled STEM talent network and providing bespoke recruitment solutions, even for the most niche requirements.

Expanding into the commercial sector allows SRG to leverage its recruitment expertise to support a broader range of roles and industries, helping businesses find the right talent to achieve their goals.

SRG understands that the right talent is essential for driving growth and innovation. Their expanded services in commercial recruitment are tailored to provide the strategic support businesses need to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

To learn more about SRG's Commercial Services and how it can support your recruitment strategy, please contact or visit their website.

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